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Students launch multimedia project about refugees

Students of the vocational training course “Journalism” (Source: Media studies group)

Within the vocational training course “Journalism”, ten bachelor students of the Applied Media and Communication Science program developed an online multimedia project about migration, displacement, and refugees in Germany. Interviews, feature stories, a slideshow, a quiz and an interactive world map are some elements of the final product, which is now available online at

The students worked together over a period of four months as an independent editorial team, under the supervision of Dr. Liane Rothenberger, Irina Tribusean, and Christian Schneider (MDR broadcasting). Each member had a role within the team, corresponding to the structure of a real editorial department: editor-in-chief, layout, image editing, fact checking, proof reading, etc. Besides, each student produced his or her own journalistic product, covering various aspects of the migration process and life of refugees at different points in time. The project was finalized and “brought to life” during a two-days-long editorial workshop, during which the students were confronted with real-life situations, such as technical difficulties, last minute fact checking and additional video production, and they managed to find the best solutions under the given circumstances.

The final product, an online multimedia project, consists of three thematic chapters: migrants, helpers and background, with three or four articles each. You can join the journey and find out more about the challenges on the job market of refugees from Syria, the memories of World War II migrants and the rewarding experience of working with refugee children. Additionally, you can track the migration routes towards and from Germany and get an insight into the scientific research related to this topic.