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Prof. Martin Löffelholz held keynote on the automation of communication

At the first international conference of the Association of Indonesian Communication Scientists, which took place in mid-November 2018 in Palembang (Indonesia), Prof. Martin Löffelholz, Head of the Department of Media Studies at the TU Ilmenau, gave one of the keynotes.

In addition to Prof. Löffelholz, Prof. Ang Peng Hwa (third from left), former president of ICA, and other renowned scientists from Asian universities spoke at the international conference in Palembang (Indonesia).

Löffelholz focused his lecture on the automation of communicative processes and activities, which are intensively tested in public relations and journalism. Routine tasks such as issues monitoring or the writing of simple journalistic texts have long been supported by appropriate software or have even been carried out independently. Increasingly, however, more demanding tasks are taken over by appropriately programmed, automated systems. Prof. Löffelholz analyzed the consequences of this development for research, teaching and professional practice.

The Institute for Media and Communication Science has been cooperating with various universities in Indonesia for 20 years, especially with the Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. Students of the TU Ilmenau can spend a semester abroad, do an internship or write their thesis there.