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Prof. Löffelholz analyzed the automation of risk and crisis communication in Tokyo

Prof. Martin Löffelholz, Chair of the Department of Media Studies, gave the introductory keynote at the symposium "Risk Society and the Media" in Tokyo on March 2, 2019.

Speakers of the symposium of the KEIO University in Tokyo (Quelle: Fachgebiet Medienwissenschaft)

KEIO Vice President Prof. Oishi with Prof. Löffelholz (Quelle: Fachgebiet Medienwissenschaft)

Prof. Martin Löffelholz visited the symposium at the invitation of Prof. Nobuto Yamamoto from the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies at KEIO University in Japan. In addition to an overview of the state of risk and crisis communication research, Prof. Löffelholz dealt with the consequences of further automation of risk and crisis communication. In particular, he analysed the consequences of the use of social bots and automated processes for the production of media content. During his stay in Tokyo, Prof. Löffelholz also spoke with Prof. Yutaka Oishi, Vice President of KEIO University, about the possibilities of closer cooperation with German universities.