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CerDee - Creative entrepreneurship in ceramics regions

New research project for the Research Group on Media and Communication Management

Ceramics has traditionally played a prominent role in many European regions, in the industrial production of tableware, tiles and sanitary ware or in the arts and crafts sector with small and medium-sized companies. Around half a million people work in this sector in Europe. Under the direction of Porzellanikon - Staatliches Museum für Porzellan (Selb), eight partners from six countries have joined together to develop the regions with their traditions and potentials in a joint effort and to secure and shape their future. The group of media and communication management develops suitable communication strategies, manages and coordinates the communication with all stakeholders and is involved in market and actor studies as well as in the development of educational offers for creative ceramists. The three-year initiative is funded as an INTERREG V B project in the programme region Central Europe and started on May 1, 2019.