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Exciting practice partners from the region in the vocational field orientation PR

Student junior agencies create PR campaigns for regional management Gotha/ Ilm-Kreis and Schmitz Cargobull Gotha GmbH

Some of the students together with their supervisors Ninette Pett and Elisabeth Wagner-Olfermann (Source: Regionalmanagement)

This summer term, the practical part of the vocational field orientation PR is already in its 18th round. After the 33 seminar participants have approached the topic of PR conception mainly theoretically in the past winter term, they now have the opportunity to apply the learned knowledge under real competitive conditions and for real Thuringian clients. In the briefings at the beginning of the semester, Ekhard Klomfass, managing director of the Schmitz Cargobull Gotha GmbH, as well as Carolin Schmidt and Janine Domhardt, employees of the regional management Gotha and Ilm-Kreis, explained their assignments. For Schmitz Cargobull, three groups of five to six students each are working on a campaign for recruitment of skilled workers, while the regional management assigned three other student groups with the positioning and image building of the region.

After completing the analytical phase, the competing junior agencies are now devoting themselves to the creative part of the PR concept, in which they develop a communication strategy and a suitable action plan for their clients. During this process, the students are not only supported by seminar leaders Elisabeth Wagner-Olfermann and Tatjana Faj, but also advised by Ninette Pett. The managing director of PETT PR Gesellschaft für Unternehmenskommunikation takes over the tasks of client acquisition and practice support within the seminar for the third time in a row now. In mid-July, the students will present their finished PR concepts to a jury as part of an agency pitch.