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Behind the scenes

Students of thevocational field orientation journalism have visited the MDR broadcasting house

Online editor Christian Schneider welcomes the students ((Quelle: Research Group on Media)

Christian Schneider and the students with “Bernd das Brot” in Easter costume (Quelle: Research Group on Media)

The journalism students and their lecturer Irina Tribusean (the fourth from the right) visiting the “Sandman” scenery ((Quelle: Research Group on Media)

KIKA-Baumhaus and Thüringen Journal - the students of the vocational field orientation journalism together with their lecturer Irina Tribusean from the Research Group Media Studies visited the two television studios in which these programs are produced, and afterwards also the online newsroom.

Online editor Christian Schneider guided the students and explained them how the roles, the tasks and the responsibility are distributed in the online newsroom. MDR’s "open-plan office", set up in 2000, was one of the first multimedia newsrooms in Germany in which online, radio and television producers work together.

After the guided tour, the students had the chance to find out which tools the online editors use for the administration of the website and the social media accounts of MDR Thüringen. Regina Lang, the head of the online editorial office in Erfurt, stopped by to welcome the students, answered some questions and invited them for an internship at MDR Thüringen.