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Innovative seminar: Mobile TV journalism with the smartphone

The practical workshop "Mobile Reporting" enters the second round. Here the students get to know the journalism of tomorrow with guest lecturer Rasem from Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

Students of the workshop "Mobile Reporting" with the instructors Bernd Rasem (front left) and Irina Tribusean (front right) (Source: Research Group on Media Studies)

Attention, reporters! Anyone who sees students with Iphones and microphones in Ilmenau in the next few weeks will probably see real MoJos - "mobile journalists" - at work. An iPhone does not make a reporter yet, but it is a first step. For the second time, 16 students will produce a complete TV film with an iPhone, a microphone and two apps - in HD quality.

“Mobile Journalism” has only become a production form in the TV sector a few years ago. In the meantime, more and more TV stations, but also other media, rely on it. In the practical workshop “Mobile Reporting”, students are now at the forefront. "We teach the journalism of tomorrow here: Smart production at the highest quality level" says Bernd Rasem, editor, reporter and host at Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

Eight iPhones with matching microphones are now available for teaching purposes. This gives the prospective MoJos the opportunity to put their ideas into practice. Why do they use iPhones in particular? The answer is simple: Up to now, the necessary apps have only been available for iOS.

As in the first workshop at the beginning of November, the 16 seminar participants spend several days training in disciplines such as journalistic research, preparation for shooting, writing treatments, texts, the basics of filming, editing and handling the iPhone with the "FilmicPro" and "Lumafusion" apps. The students then create films on topics of their own choice: Problems with volunteering at the university, bicycle thefts, lack of doctors in the district.

The practical workshop "Mobile Reporting" fits well into the concept of a technical university. Guest lecturer Bernd Rasem: "Mobile reporting will once again fundamentally change journalism. This makes it all the more important for students to get to grips with this technology at an early stage. The environment of a technical university is a perfect place to do this."