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Cooperation with the Turkish-German University in Istanbul

The Institute of Media and Communication Science (IfMK) will support the Turkish-German University in Istanbul in the development of an innovative graduate programme in communication studies.

Prof. Dr. Martin Löffelholz (fourth from left) with the head of the BA programme Cultural and Communication Studies Prof. Dr. Füsun Alver (fifth from left) and further lecturers of the Turkish-German University in Istanbul (Source: Research Group on Media Studies)

The director of the IfMK, Prof. Martin Löffelholz, held preparatory talks with representatives of the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences of the Turkish German University on December 14, 2018. Similar to the Ilmenau MA course, the TDU's offer is to be research-oriented and with a focus on digital communication.

The TU Ilmenau is a member of the consortium of German universities, which supports the Turkish-German University in planning and setting up BA and MA degree programmes as well as in building high-quality research infrastructures. The consortium is chaired by Prof. Rita Süssmuth, former president of the German Bundestag. BA students at the TU Ilmenau can already spend a semester abroad at the partner university within the framework of an Erasmus grant.