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Alumni portrait: Alexander Junghans, former Bachelor student, talks about his experiences at the TU Ilmenau and his job at the game development studio Deadalic Entertainment GmbH

Alexander Junghans studied Applied Media and Communication Science (B.A.) at the Ilmenau University of Technology. After graduating in 2014, he joined the game development studio Deadalic Entertainment GmbH as a motion designer.

Alexander Junghans (foto: Alexander Junghans)

Where are you currently working and what are your tasks?
I work at the game developer studio Daedalic Entertainment GmbH in Hamburg since completing my bachelor's degree. In addition to my job as Lead Motion Designer, I have also been working as Lead Cinematic Designer in production for two and a half years now. My tasks include the conception and creative as well as technical development of video content and in-game cinematics as well as tool design/scripting within the Unreal Engine. Currently I work in the development team of the RTS game "A Year Of Rain". My first full game project in the company - apart from creating the intro videos for "Deponia Doomsday" and Ken Follet's "The Pillars of the Earth" - was the cinematic adventure game "State of Mind".

Can you think of concrete courses or projects that have helped you in your professional career?
Absolutely! On the one hand there's "Introduction to Programming" - the event was very beginner-friendly and forced us to take a topic out of our comfort zone, which admittedly seemed unpleasant at first. Howeverm you get skills that are very relevant especially outside the university. And on the other hand there was the freedom of the internship, in which I created an interactive comic film from the first concept to the handwritten production to the marketed DVD version, all by myself.

What internships did you do during your studies and what else did you do besides your studies?
I did my internship at the independent music and film label "Sunny Bastards". I was mainly responsible for the creative and technical authoring of DVD projects, various art design tasks, a project launch and several music video productions. Besides my studies, I mainly devoted myself to my personal studies of photography, 2D/3D motion design and the realization of music videos.

How did you come to the topic of your thesis and what advice do you have for other students for their theses?
I came to this topic with the help of Dipl.-Inf. Gunther Kreuzberger, after I had already invested three months in a less scientific and more production-oriented approach. Since I absolutely wanted to write something in the context of adventure games - also in anticipation of my plan to find a job in the gaming industry - the conversations with Mr. Kreuzberger led me to the topic of the conception of an adventure games project study. He always took his time and was always at my side with helpful hints. As advice I can give: Talk as much with your supervisors as their nerves allow and then just don’t give up. You've made it this far, don't give up now!

What tip do you give current students for the future?
Use the technology, laboratories and offers that the university has at your disposal to try out your own ideas and get them through. There is not so much freedom and room for your personal „trail and error“ later on. Build your own projects, which you can use to feed your later applications - because in reality, the people will look more at what you've already done in practice than at your final grades.

Also: Don't get frustrated with huge projects. Many people fail because they are too ambitious: The first animation should be a two hour feature and the first game project a massive RPG. Focus on small ideas that are feasible. It's stronger to say, "I made this 40 seconds movie or this little game here and they're done!" instead of saying, "I started this and that once, but I didn't finish any of it because it got too much work“. If you can show finished products to potential employers, you're already better than most of the competition.