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Computational Methods for Communication Science: Toward A Strategic Roadmap

Junior-Professor Dr. Emese Domahidi co-edited a Special Section on Computational Communication Science in the International Journal of Communication.

As communication and media data have become increasingly available in a digital format, computational methods have been used to process such digital trace data to understand the economic, societal, and political implications of communication. The current computational turn of communication science is at the maturing stage that will define communication science in the coming years. This Special Section on Computational Methods for Communication Science: Toward A Strategic Roadmap brings together nine original papers plus an editorial introduction on the flourishing field of Computational Communication Science (CCS). The main goal of this Special Section is to contribute to the current discussion on CCS by reflecting on the opportunities and challenges in the field. Thus, these papers provide new perspectives and valuable insight in two different contexts of CCS research: 1) community-building and the status-quo of the CCS discipline, and 2) advances in computational methods and their theoretical contributions. These published articles provide important new driving impulses, an overview of the most pressing challenges in the context of CCS, and sketch a potential roadmap for future research in this field.

Domahidi, E.; Yang, J.W., Niemann-Lenz, J., & Reinecke, L. (2019). Computational Communication Science | Outlining the Way Ahead in Computational Communication Science: An Introduction to the IJoC Special Section on “Computational Methods for Communication Science: Toward a Strategic Roadmap”. International Journal of Communication 13(2019), 3876–3884

The articles of the Special Section can be found here: