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Nigar Zahan joined the Research Group Media and Communication Management

Nigar Zahan supports Professor Dr. Andreas Will and his team since August 2019 as project manager for the EU Interreg project CerDee.

Nigar Zahan (Source: Research Group MCM)

Nigar Zahan started working for Media and Communication Management Group at TU Ilmenau since 01 August 2019. She joined the team as the Project Manager for the EU Interreg project CerDee on behalf of TU Ilmenau. Previously she worked in a multinational e-commerce company in Flensburg area in the field of Online Content Management and Social Media Marketing. Nigar completed her Masters degree from the University of Flensburg in Socio-Political economy in 2018. In her Master's thesis, she addressed the question of economic integration of international students in Germany – expectation vs. reality. Beforehand, Nigar worked for Accenture Bangladesh as the Project Control Services Associate, managing the project plans, support metrics and reporting. Before that, she worked for Grameenphone It, a concern of Telenor Group as the Product Portfolio Executive. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Management from BRAC University, Bangladesh. In addition to her working tenure, she was involved in Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE) in Bangladesh for evaluation and monitoring of the social business models for young entrepreneurs. She was also actively involved in the JAGGO foundation, an innovative education program for underprivileged children in Bangladesh. Ms. Zahan will manage the communication aspects of CerDee on behalf of TU Ilmenau under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andreas Will as the Project Leader. >