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Johanna Radechovsky joined the Research Group Media Studies

Johanna Radechovsky supports Professor Dr. Martin Löffelholz and his team since October 2019 as research assistant and doctoral student.

Johanna Radechovsky (Source: Research Group MS)

In October, the department of media studies has welcomed a new research associate. After her Bachelor and Master degree in Media and Communication Studies at TU Ilmenau, Johanna Radechovsky has worked for the Research Group Empirical Media Research and has lectured the Bachelor module Media Reception and Effects as a substitute teacher for Dr. Kuhlmann. During that time, Miss Radechovsky has worked on her first empirical publication in cooperation with Professor Wolling and Miss Berger, which focuses on the research topic of fake news and journalism, like her preceding master thesis. Miss Radechovsky plans to work further on this research field, not least in the scope of her planned doctoral thesis that she will be completing during her time at the department of media studies.