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Special Issue "Media Education" with two contributions from Ilmenau

Priscila Berger and Dr. Liane Rothenberger publish in the special issue of the journal "Medienpädagogik".

Dr. Liane Rothenberger and Priscila Berger (Source: Dr. Liane Rothenberger)

Two researchers from Ilmenau are devoting themselves to the topic of "media competence": Priscila Berger and Liane Rothenberger report on their projects in the special issue "Media literacy as intergenerational project: skills, norms, and mediation". Using data from 14 countries, Berger has developed a model that shows to what extent students' computer and information skills depend on various factors such as socioeconomic status. Rothenberger reports on a project she had carried out together with the two former IfMK members Jeffrey Wimmer and Ahmed Elmezeny. They looked at media repertoires and media rules in Syrian and Iraqi refugee families. Another article about the project can be found in the magazine RFSIC.

Link to the special issue of the magazine Medienpädagogik:

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