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About emerging technologies, 360° videos and export potential

With focus on future technologies and entrepreneurship, the Research Group Media and Communication Management is present at conferences throughout Europe.

Media and Communication Management Group (Source: Research Group MCM)

In the field of media management research, the team of Andreas Will, Britta Gossel and Julian Windscheid presented research results according to the issue of technology development and the future of media management research at the annual conference of the European Media Management Association (Limassol, Cyprus, June 2019). The results of the further development of this project were presented by the team expanded by Miriam Bernhard at the annual conference of annual conference of the DGPuK subdivision on media economics and media management (Cologne, Germany, September 2019). In the field of entrepreneurship education research, Britta Gossel presented a paper at 3E Conference of the European Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (Gothenburg, Sweden, May 2019), where she discussed export potentials of communication science perspectives for Entrepreneurship Education research.

In the research area on 360° videos, Julian Windscheid participated in two conferences on video-based e-learning (CeLeB Spring Conference, Hildesheim, Germany, March 2019; symposium "Perspektive Lehrkraft – Neue Wege im Lehramtsstudium", Erfurt, Germany, May 2019). Julian Windscheid presented his findings on methodological questions concerning the use of 360° videos in research contexts at the annual conference of the European Sociological Association (Manchester, England, August 2019) and at the second conference of the Network Qualitative Methods (Salzburg, Austria, April 2019).