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Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) - 2nd edition released!

Together with other editors, Professor Dr. Wolfgang Broll publishes the second edition of the textbook "Virtual and Augmented Reality".

Second edition of the book “ Virtual und Augmented Reality (VR/AR)“

The second, completely revised and extended edition of the textbook Virtual and Augmented Reality was published by Springer just in time for the start of the semester. On now more than 450 pages readers get a comprehensive overview of the topic. New in the second edition are practical projects which, in conjunction with resources made available online, enable readers to get started quickly.

From the first edition, also published by Springer in 2013, almost 200,000 electronic editions have been downloaded to date. This makes it one of the most successful books on the subject worldwide.

Virtual und Augmented Reality (VR/AR): Grundlagen und Methoden der Virtuellen und Augmentierten Realität, 2. Überarbeitete Auflage, Springer Vieweg 2019, (Hrsg. R. Dörner, W. Broll, P. Grimm, B. Jung), 455 S.