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Students launch multimedia project about climate change

Students of the vocational training course “Journalism” develop multimedia online project on climate and climate change in Thuringia.

Students of the seminar „Journalism“ (Source: Research Group MS)

Within the vocational training course “Journalism”, 12 bachelor students of the Applied Media and Communication Science program developed an online multimedia project about climate change in Thüringen (Germany). Interviews, feature stories, podcasts, mobile reporting, pictures and video are some elements of the final product, which is now available online at

The students worked together over a period of three months as an independent editorial team, under the supervision of Irina Tribusean and Christian Schneider (MDR broadcasting). Each member had a role within the team, corresponding to the structure of a real editorial department: editor-in-chief, layout, image editing, fact checking, proof reading, etc. Besides, each student produced his or her own journalistic product, covering various aspects of the climate change, with a local focus on Thüringen. The project was finalized and posted on-line during a two-days-long editorial workshop, during which the students were confronted with real-life situations, such as technical difficulties and last minute fact checking, and they managed to find the best solutions under the given circumstances.

The final product, a journalistic blog with the title „Klimawandel in Thüringen. Wie lange schlägt das grüne Herz noch?“ („Climate change in Thüringen. How much longer does the green heart beat?”) consists of four parts: general information about climate and climate change, initiatives (what is being done and what else we can do about it), tipps & tricks with practical ideas and examples, and an overview of the future challenges and opportunities. Is climate change a natural phenomenon or is it caused by humans? Is climate change real or is it just an invention of politicians? If it is real, what can each of us do to stop it or at least slow it down? What are wool crabs and tsetse flies suddenly doing in Thüringen? What is minimalism and what is the motivation behind it? How can you live without plastic and without throwing away any more food? Check out the blog to find answers to these and other questions!