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10th Gala Night of the vocational field orientation Media Production

Also this year the students of the vocational field orientation "media production" present their films at a gala night at the TU Ilmenau.

In 2009, the first gala night took place in the professional field of media production, with the idea of not letting the great student films simply end up in some drawers and get dusty. This year we celebrate our 10th Gala Night - the name of which was originally intended as a placeholder - with more than 300 guests in the Audimax of the TU Ilmenau. The buffet is rustic and lovingly homemade by the lecturers*, students and their parents. A champagne reception, a touch of big film events through a red carpet and golden glitter curtain. An event that is a special little highlight among the students of the Applied Media and Communication Science degree programme, which they are eagerly awaiting and the first time they present their film, on which they have worked for almost a whole year, to an audience. If you are now curious, you can watch one of the films on Youtube. With "Ring Ring" a student team has ventured into a "gangster buddy comedy", which is a lot of fun and has some surprises in store.