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Bachelor students present for Schmitz Cargobull and Regional Management Kreis Gotha und Ilm-Kreis

In July, bachelor students of the vocational field orientation "PR" presented their communication concepts, which they developed for the clients of the Regionalmanagement Kreis Gotha und Ilm-Kreis and the Schmitz Cargobull Gotha GmbH.

Bild1: Winning Agency "bePResent." with their supervisors Tatjana Faj and Ninette Pett as well as Renate Günther from Schmitz Cargobull Gotha GmbH (Source: Research Group PR)

Bild2: Winning agency "4iMAGE" with their supervisors Elisabeth U. Wagner-Olfermann and Ninette Pett as well as Christian Schmidt and Carolin Schmidt from Regionalmanagement (Source: Research Group PR)

On Friday, 12th of July, 33 Bachelor students will present professional communication concepts in the banquet hall of the Ilmenauer Hotel Tanne, which they have worked out within three months within the framework of the Applied Media and Communication Studies degree course in the seminar "Vocational Field Orientation PR" under the direction of Elisabeth Ulrike Wagner-Olfermann and Tatjana Faj. This year's clients were the Regional Management Kreis Gotha und Ilm-Kreis and Schmitz Cargobull Gotha GmbH.

The students applied the theoretical knowledge gained in the winter semester in practice and worked out professional communication strategies with suitable action plans for their clients. In addition to the course instructors, Ninette Pett, Managing Director of PETT PR Gesellschaft für Unternehmenskommunikation in Gotha, assisted them in an advisory capacity.

Three groups of five to six students each worked on a campaign to recruit skilled workers for the tipper vehicle manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull in Gotha. Another three groups worked for the Regional Management Kreis Gotha und Ilm-Kreis on the positioning and profile building of the region and developed strategies to anchor a new umbrella brand in the region in the long term.

In the end, the winning agencies bePResent. and 4iMAGE convinced the jury consisting of Ninette Pett, Renate Günther (Schmitz Cargobull) and Carolin as well as Christian Schmidt (Regional Management) and the lecturers with their successful concepts and professional presentations.

The two-semester seminar „vocational field orientation PR“ is offered each year in the Bachelor course of studies applied media and communication science for studying of the third and fourth semester. During the development of the campaign, professionals are available to support the creative young talents of the future. In recent years, some of the ideas and concepts developed during the campaign have been implemented by the clients, including Erfurt/Weimar Airport and Jena-based Jenoptik, together with the young talent agencies.