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Participation in the 7th Migration Conference in Bari

Maija Ozola (Department of Empririan Media Research and Political Communication) and Sherief Emam (Department of Economic Policy) participated in the 7th Migration Conference in Italy.

Maija Ozola from the Group of Empirical Media Research and Sherief Emam from the Department of Economic Policy at the 7th Migration Conference in Italy

Maija Ozola from Empirical Media Research and Political Communication Group and Sherief Emam from Economic Policy Group participated in the 7th Migration Conference that took place from 18th to 20th of June in Bari, Italy. The Migration Conference is a peer-reviewed annual international academic event since 2012.

In the “Migration and Migrants in Media” panel session they gave a 20-minute presentation on the results from a research study “The effects of cognitive mobilization, media salience, and party identity on immigration attitudes ”. The study presents a new approach for studying European attitudes towards immigration by measuring the effects of political dealignment and media agenda setting. Through collaboration between research departments, this study successfully applied econometric modelling for political communication research.