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APC: Communicator Research


Prof. M. Löffelholz


Students will get an overview on important trends, theories, findings, and applications of communicator research. In particular, students will review the state of research in journalism research and public relations research.

Course description

The course offers an introduction to communicator research in general and selected fields of professional specialization. Students will analyze different fields of public communication with a stronger focus on journalism and public relations with regard to theoretical approaches, findings and the status quo of the professions.

In the winter term, students will attend a readings-based course with several plenary sessions.

Recommended readings

Löffelholz, M., & Weaver, D. H. (2008). Global journalism research. Theories, methods, findings, future. Malden [u.a.]: Blackwell.

Botan, C. H., & Hazleton, V. (Eds.). (2006). Public Relations Theory II. Mahwah, NJ [u.a.]: Erlbaum.

Further readings will be provided in class.

Previous Knowledge

 Basic knowledge on communication, communication theory, and media research


Students will give presentations and participate in academic discussions.

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