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Online Sexuality Compared Between Countries

Prof. Döring Publishes in Archives

Archives of Sexual Behavior

The Archives of Sexual Behavior (Springer) are the publication medium of the “International Academy of Sex Research” (IASR). With an impact factor of 2.720, they are one of the leading journals in the field of sex research. Prof. Döring published the contribution Online Sexual Activity Experiences Among College Students: A Four-Country Comparison as the first author in the issue of August, 2017. The contribution reports the results of an online survey on internet sexuality in students in Germany, Sweden, USA, and Canada. The results show that sexual online activities of students are very similar when compared across countries.

The study was developed in an interdisciplinary and international team: co-authors were Prof. Dr. Kristian Daneback from the University of Göteborg, Sweden, Dr. Krystelle Shaughnessy from the University of Ottawa, Canada, Prof. Dr. Christian Grov from the City University of New York, USA, and Prof. Dr. Sandra Byers from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.

Döring, N., Daneback, K., Shaughnessy, K., Grov, C., & Byers, E. S. (2017). Online sexual activities experiences among college students: A four-country comparison. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 46(6), 1641-1652.