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Stronger Dialogue between Science and Practice in Crisis Communication

Andreas Schwarz interviewed by the magazine of the Austrian Fire Brigade

The magazine of the Austrian Fire Brigade Association,, has published an article about the Crisis 5 conference in Lisbon last October. The article emphasizes not only the importance of communication in preparation for crises, but also highlights the relevance of international exchange on crisis communication and the need for a better connection between science and practice in this field. The article also features Andreas Schwarz as a founding member of the conference series, who made clear that it needs more dialogue between crisis communication research and crisis communication practice: "Science has to get more involved with practice and need to focus more on practical problems, but also it needs to find a different language, which is more accessible. Practice, on the other hand, needs to be more attentive to and interested in scientific insights, as I think, and needs to engage more in research cooperation”. The Austrian Fire Brigade Association joined the Crisis5 to present a research project on crisis communication via social media in preparation for a blackout.


Andreas Reiger (2017). Krisenkommunikation im Internationalen Fokus., 12/2017.