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Current State of Research on Material Sex Products

Prof. Döring and Dr. Pöschl publish in the journal “Sexologies“

Journal "Sexologies"

In their paper “Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bedfellows“, Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring and Dr. Sandra Pöschl, from the research group Media Psychology and Media Design at Ilmenau University of Technology, give an up-to-date overview of the state of research on material sex products such as sex toys, sex dolls and sex robots. Based on empirical data, three questions are answered: What kinds of material sex products exist today, how widespread is their use, and what is known about their positive and/or negative effects? While pornography popularized by the Internet has been a popular research topic in the social sciences for decades, sex products also disseminated through the Internet have thus far been widely ignored by researchers.

Döring, N., & Pöschl, S. (2018). Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bed-fellows. Sexologies. Advance online publication.