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Checklist Replication Study as Bachelor or Master Thesis

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The Research Group Media Psychology and Media Design provides students with a range of work tools for their Bachelor and Master theses. These tools include for example information on the process of a thesis or how to prepare a good presentation for the defense:

The work tools have now been supplemented by a checklist for conducting replication studies as bachelor or master theses. Replications of original studies in media content analysis relevant to communication science are recommended in particular:

Replication studies are of high epistemological value, but have so far been carried out far too rarely. Replications of original content analytical studies are particularly well suited for a qualification thesis in communication science, because significant scientific results can be achieved due to sufficiently large and meaningful samples.

The research group currently offers more than 40 topics for bachelor and master theses, including replications of original content analytical studies as well as other types of studies: