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Estella and Löffelholz publish EJC-report on Philippine media system

On behalf of the European Journalism Centre (EJC), Pauline Estella, doctoral student in the Media Studies Group of TU Ilmenau und Assistant Professor at the University of the Philippines, and Prof. Martin Löffelholz have compiled a comprehensive report on the current situation of the media system in the Philippines.

Assistant Professor Pauline Estella, M.A.

Professor Dr. Martin Löffelholz

The authors come to the conclusion that digital communication in the Philippines is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. At the same time, however, socio-economic inequalities are growing, and the digital infrastructure is developing very differently in urban and rural regions, which further widens the digital divide between the majority of the population and the elites.

Estella and Löffelholz also analyze many other details of the Philippine media landscape and its actors. In addition to print and broadcast media, the situation of online and digital media is described and all relevant associations, trade unions and educational institutions are presented. In addition, the media development is related to the socio-political context, i.e. topics such as regulation, legislation or freedom of the media are covered.

The European Journalism Centre, based in Maastricht, publishes the publication series "Media Landscapes" in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the International Committee of the Red Cross. So far, the media systems of over thirty countries have been mapped by more than 40 renowned scientists.
The report on the Philippine media system is available here free of charge: