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Media Studies Research Group publishes in new “Handbook of Journalism Studies”

Liane Rothenberger, Irina Tribusean, Andrea C. Hoffmann and Martin Löffelholz contributed the chapter “History and development of Journalism as a global field” to the second edition of the “Handbook of Journalism Studies”.

The chapter is an overview of the development of journalism studies, with a focus on major methodological and conceptual schools, important scientific publications in the field and pioneering academic institutions dealing with journalism studies. The chapter is based on an extensive literature review, including sources in English, French, German, Spanish and Russian, but also personal communication with researchers from countries where literature is scarce or whose language could not be read in original (such as China, Turkey or Philippines). The team traced the development of journalism studies geographically rather than chronologically, as the milestones vary greatly between countries. Thus, the chapter starts with the regions with the longest tradition of the journalism studies – United States and Western Europe, moving on to Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, the Arab world and Turkey, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, China, and finally India and other Asian countries.

The second edition of the “Handbook of journalism studies” is available as E-Book via the campus license at