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Prof. Andreas Will receives TU Ilmenau‘s Teaching Award 2019

The Vice Rector for Science Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Kai-Uwe Sattler presents this year's teaching award to Prof. Dr. Andreas Will Andreas Will (Foto: TU Ilmenau / Thiemo Reindel)

Prof. Andreas Will (2nd from left) among the other award winners (Foto: TU Ilmenau / Thiemo Reindel.

During the matriculation ceremony on 12 October 2019, Prof. Andreas Will (Media and Communication Management) received one of the teaching awards of the Technical University Ilmenau 2019. Prof. Will was nominated for the award by the Student Council of the Faculty of Economics and Media. In their reasoning, the students attest - in line with very good teaching evaluation results - to a particularly open-minded attitude towards academic teaching and learning. The students felt that getting involved with topics beyond their specialist focus was motivating and helping them in better understanding complex issues. Dr. Magnus Richter (FG Sustainable Production Management and Logistics) is a further prizewinner from the Faculty of Economics and Media.