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Scandals, Disasters and School Shootings as Topics at the Children's University 2019

Lecture by Dr. Andreas Schwarz

Dr. Andreas Schwarz giving a lecture for the Children's University at TU Ilmenau

As part of the Children‘s University 2019, Dr. Andreas Schwarz gave a lecture on risk and crisis communication to students of the 7th to 9th grade. In the fully staffed Audimax, he examined the questions of how companies and authorities communicate in crises or catastrophes and what effects this has on people. Using the example of YouTube influencer Jaclyn Hill, who sold low-quality lipsticks and thus earned a shitstorm, the participants were able to work out the best crisis strategies together with Dr. Andreas Schwarz. Using the case of school schootings, Dr. Andreas Schwarz explained the information needs of schools and how good communication can even save lives. The students showed great interest in the topics and participated actively by asking questions and commenting on the presented contents.

Dr. Andreas Schwarz is acting head of the Research Group on Public Relations and Communication of Technology at the IfMK and has been researching risk and crisis communication for 15 years.

The Ilmenau Children's University has been held annually at the Technical University since 2003 and, with over 4000 registrations, is the largest of its kind in Thuringia. This year, for the first time, the Youth University is opened for 7th to 9th grade students. The aim is to introduce children and young people to the world of science. The participants spend a day on the campus of TU Ilmenau and attend two lectures in the fields of technology, economics and media.