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"Crises are part of university life"

Dr. Andreas Schwarz speaks about crises at German universities in "DUZ" magazine

DUZ, issue 11|2019 (source:!/id/506)

In the current issue of the German university newspaper "DUZ - Magazin für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft" (11/2019) Dr. Andreas Schwarz speaks about crisis communication in science. He refers to a survey of communication managers at German universities conducted in 2017 and compiles the findings into international research.

According to the study, more than three quarters of all communication managers (79%) have already experienced a serious crisis, the most frequent being "public disputes with stakeholders" and "negative media coverage". In addition, the results of the survey show that crisis preparation at German universities is often inadequate and carried out according to instinct. In order to deal effectively with crises, Dr. Andreas Schwarz recommends that communication departments should be part of management meetings and that they should get more autonomy to make decisions.

„DUZ“ is the oldest national and independent university magazine in Germany. It is published monthly and provides information on university and research policy topics. The current issue focuses, among other things, on the topic of crisis communication.

Dr. Andreas Schwarz is acting head of the Group for Research in Public Relations and Communication of Technology at TU Ilmenau and has been researching risk and crisis communication for 15 years. Together with Prof. Martin Löffelholz, head of the Department of Media Studies at TU Ilmenau, Dr. Andreas Schwarz manages the International Research Group on Crisis Communication (IRGoCC).