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Publication on Journalism Education in Indonesia

Mira Rochyadi-Reetz from the department of Empirical Media Research and Political Communication contributed the chapter “Journalism Education in Indonesia-A Case Study of Seven Universities in Indonesia” in a book on “Journalism and Journalism Education in Developing Countries”.

The chapter reviews curricula of seven universities in Indonesia, which offer majoring in Journalism based on several levels of competencies such as (a) awareness, (b) knowledge and (c) skills. The finding shows that nowadays, practical skills receive a huge proposition in many Indonesian universities to be able to prepare their students as journalists. In the one side hand, the trend could be considered as positive sign to answer increasing demand of the media industry for “ready to use“ journalist but on the other hand it rises a concern of lack of awareness and knowledge competencies which are crucial for the profession as a journalist.

Rochyadi-Reetz, M. (2019). Journalism Education in Indonesia: A Case Study of Seven Universities in Indonesia. In Dernbach, B. and Illg, B. (Eds), Journalism Education in Developing Countries. Manipal University Press, India. P. 77-91.