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Prof. Döring Speaks at UNESCO Conference in Istanbul

Today, anyone who has sexual questions is usually the first to search the Internet. Because there you can quickly and discreetly find a wide range of answers - even to sensitive and embarrassing topics. But can these answers be trusted? Can children and young people in particular find their way around the digital information? Or do they get their sexual information from dubious online pornography?

Against the background of such questions, UNESCO, in cooperation with UNFPA EECARO, IPFF and BZgA, has convened the international symposium "Switched On" on sexual education in the digital space: From 19 to 21 February 2020, around 150 invited experts from all over the world meet in Istanbul to exchange views on the status quo and the future development of digital sexuality education.

Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring, Department of Media Psychology and Media Design, speaks in a keynote address about the relevance of digital sexuality education in Germany and in another talk about evaluation criteria and evaluation results for digital sexuality education.