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Prof. Löffelholz and Dr. Schwarz spoke at crisis conference in Florida

From left to right: Dr. Schwarz, Prof. Löffelholz, Prof. Deanna Sellnow, Prof. Tim Sellnow and Prof. Littlefeld.

At the International Conference on Crisis and Risk Communication of the University of Central Florida (UCF) from 9-11 March 2020 in Orlando, the Institute for Media and Communication Studies was represented with two lectures. Prof. Löffelholz explained the results of a systematic literature analysis on the development of crisis communication research in Southeast Asia (1990 - 2020), which he conducted with the Ilmenau doctoral students Pauline Estella, Le Ngoc Son and Mira Rochyadi Reetz. Dr. Schwarz presented the findings of two content analyses in which the reporting of German and US

In addition, the Ilmenau scientists discussed with colleagues from the UCF about deepening the cooperation in the form of an MA double degree program.