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Current Study on Sexuality during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Screenshot of the Online-Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic and associated infection control measures have far-reaching consequences in all areas of public and private life. This also affects sexuality: Do couples in domestic COVID-19 isolation now have more sex leading to a "COVID-19 baby boom" in 9 months? Or do they have less sex but more arguments, so that separation and divorce rates are likely to rise? There is a lot of speculation in the media about sexuality- and partnership-related effects of COVID-19.

The research group Media Psychology and Media Design (Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring), in cooperation with the Institut für Sexualpädagogik (isp), has therefore surveyed more than 600 sexuality education professionals about their perspectives on sexuality-related COVID-19 consequences. Although (sexual) life continues during the crisis, almost all sexuality education activities must currently pause - or transition to online formats. How do the professionals assess this situation? The study is currently in the data analysis phase.

Study Profile: