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Mindfulness in Teaching and Research

Prof. Döring certified as a mindful university teacher

Achtsame Hochschulen in der digitalen Gesellschaft

We live in times that are perceived as "stressful" by most people: Worries about the future, pressure to perform, digital disruption - these are just a few keywords. In medicine and psychology, researchers and practitioners are looking for ways not only to cope with the consequences of stress, but also to prevent it. Mindfulness, i.e. the consistent directing of attention to the here and now together with the conscious acceptance of the current situation, has proven to be an effective method. Mindfulness practices have a long history, are anchored in different cultures, and their effectiveness is scientifically well proven today. Paradoxically, the mindful, often meditative, attitude does not make you lethargic and passive, as some fear, but mobilizes positive forces for change.

Within the framework of the Thuringian Model and Network of Mindful Universities, mindfulness is promoted at various university locations by offering courses for teachers and students. The network also coordinates and prepares research projects. Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring, Department of Media Psychology and Media Design at Ilmenau University of Technology, has attended various mindfulness courses as well as the advanced training course "Mindful University Teachers" within the framework of the Thuringian Model and was certified as a mindful university teacher in 2020. She is also an active researcher within the Thuringian network. She is committed to integrating mindfulness into teaching in a practical way and thus making it tangible for students - for example through meditation breaks in lectures. She also supports students in investigating aspects of mindfulness from a communication science perspective and thus in contributing to research in the field of health communication. Mindfulness-related bachelor and master theses are supervised, for example on topics such as "Representation of Yoga on YouTube" or "Evaluation of Mindfulness Apps".