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Malaga, Stockholm, Ilmenau – Podcast of an Erasmus student in the pandemic

Sarai Gomez who studies communication in Malaga describes what it means to be an Erasmus student at the TU Ilmenau in the confusing times of Covid-19.

Shortly before many European countries closed their borders, Sarai came to Stockholm, from where she actually wanted to travel on to Ilmenau. However, Germany did not let anyone in anymore and Sarai had to spend her semester abroad not in the vicinity of the Thuringian Forest, but in Stockholm. However, she used her experiences as an Erasmus student at the TU Ilmenau, who could not be in Ilmenau at all, in a media project that she published as a podcast. Besides her own stories, she interviewed many other young people about their feelings and impressions during the pandemic. Sarai Gomez' media project was supervised by Professor Martin Löffelholz from the Institute for Media and Communication Science at the TU Ilmenau.

You can find Sarai‘s podcast here: