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New EMPK project investigates digitalization in Thuringian schools

The digitalization of schools in Thuringia is the topic of the new project by the research group Empirical Media Research and Political Communication. Professor Jens Wolling and Priscila Berger are involved in the project that will accompany 20 schools in Thuringia in their digitalization processes from September 2020 until March 2024.

These schools were selected as digital pilot schools in 2019 in the realm of the initiative Thuringian Schools Digital Strategy[1]. For five years, these pilot schools will receive funds to invest in digital infrastructure and implement new pedagogical concepts for the use of digital media. Then, their experience should serve as a reference for further schools in Thuringia to undergo digitalization. Therefore, the EMPK will support the documentation and evaluation of these schools' digitalization efforts by developing instruments of data collection, collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, and producing research reports.

The outcomes of the project aim to inform decision-makers at the political level, guide practitioners in schools that plan to invest in digital media solutions, and contribute to research in digitalization in education. The project is funded by the Thuringian Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport [Thüringer Ministerium für Bildung, Jugend und Sport] and is developed in partnership with the Thuringian Institute for Teacher Training, Teaching Plan Development and Media [Thüringer Institut für Lehrerfortbildung, Lehrplanentwicklung und Medien].