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Maximilian Zehring joins the Department of Computational Communication Science and the Department of Communication Science Communication Science und das Fachgebiet Kommunikationswissenschaft

Maximilian Zehring supports Prof. Dr. Emese Domahidi and her team since October 2020 as research assistant and doctoral student

[Maximilian Zehring completed his master's degree in "Media and Communication Science" in September 2020 at the Technical University of Ilmenau. In his master thesis titled "30 Years after the German Reunification - Exploring Stereotypes towards East Germans on Twitter" he used Supervised Machine Learning and Automated Text Analysis to explore stereotypes towards East Germans on Twitter, to show how often they occur, which stereotypes likely exist and from which societal section they come. During his studies he worked as a research aid at the Department of Empirical Media Research and Political Communication and at the Department of Communication Science with a focus on Computational Communication Science. Since October 2020 he has been working at the Department of Communication Science under Prof. Dr. Emese Domahidi.