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Prof. Döring Appointed to Editorial Board of the "International Journal of Sexual Health"

International Journal of Sexual Health

Sexuality research is an important interdisciplinary field of research with many links to the media and communication, be it private or public communication, mass media or social media. Questions concerning sexuality usually touch people very emotionally. Accordingly, there are highly controversial debates about whether nowadays there is "too much" or still "too little" communication about sex, and how high quality sexuality-related communication should look like in different contexts.

Prof. Dr. Nicola Döring (Research Group Media Psychology and Media Design of TU Ilmenau) has been involved in the field of sexuality research for many years, especially with a focus on digital communication. She is co-editor of the Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung (German Journal of Sexuality Research, Thieme publisher), the organ of the German Society for Sexuality Research DGfS. In addition, she now has been appointed to the editorial board of the International Journal of Sexual Health (Taylor & Francis), organ of the World Association of Sexual Health WAS.

Prof. Döring also deals with questions of media representations of sexuality in her teaching, so that students learn to handle socially relevant, emotionally charged and sometimes tabooed topics within communication science in a confident, objective and serious manner.


Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung 

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sexualforschung (DGfS)

International Journal of Sexual Health   

World Association of Sexual Health (WAS)