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Institute of Media and Mobile Communications

Crossfaculty Institute of Media and Mobile Communications

The Institute of Media and Mobile Communications (IMMK) was founded in 2011 in response to the increasing use of mobile media. It combines the competencies from more than 30 individual departments at the university TU Ilmenau and the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) with the aim of joint crossfaculty research and interdisciplinary training for students. The focus of the Institute's work are:

  • stimulation of joint research projects,  
  • hosting of scientific congresses,
  • support of interdisciplinary doctoral- and master thesis.

The key research areas of the new institute are:

  • media technologies and their application,
  • mobile communications,
  • production and reception of media content and
  • wireless transmission and sensor technology.

The institute’s cooperation expands the research spectrum of the TU Ilmenau to the growing networks of digital media technologies and information technology. The research activities are closely related to all research clusters of the university in a scientific or methodical way.