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Research area


Special properties of nanostructures regarding the macroworld can be exploited through the integration of nanotechnology into microsystems- the so called "micro-nano-integration". Major improvements of system properties (f.e. an increased sensitivity of gas sensors) are possible because of those firmly with micro systems connected nanostructures. Research at IMN MacroNano® pursues an approach of directly integrating nanostructures or -materials into microsystems through the application of production-related processes.


Materials for micro- and nanotechnologies

The material development for micro- and nanosystems together with its analytics is essential for a further exploration of new system properties. Initial research in this field provides fundamentals for the use of new materials or material combinations with directed functionalities, which can be used in systems through micro-nano-integration processes.


3D biosystems

The study and simulation of biological systems under near-natural environmental conditions (in vivo) profit from 3D biosystems which, as mostly microfuidic systems, require a multitude of micro- and nanoelements which in turn form a larger biohybrid system. Applications for 3D biosystems are to be found in the areas of life sciences, from biotechnology through to medical technology.