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Prof. Dr. Stefan Sinzinger

director of the institute

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Partner in Research and Development

The Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies of the TU Ilmenau – the IMN MacroNano® – combines the know-how and resources of the three cross-application ­disciplines of Microsystems Technology and Nanotechnology (micro- and nanointegration, materials for micro- and nanotechnology plus 3D biosystems) for further research on the ranges of application:

  • life sciences
  • energy efficiency and
  • photonics.

One outstanding feature of the IMN MacroNano® is its interdisciplinary and cross-faculty orientation, which encompasses both the narrowly-focused disciplines of microsystems ­technology and nanotechnology and the range of practical applications in the three areas mentioned above.

Furthermore, the Institute offers with the program "ZIK MacroNano®" stellar research approaches for universities and research facilities plus an even better access to outstanding technical infrastructure and specialised equipment thanks to the DFG Core Facility.