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Prof. Dr. Stefan Sinzinger

director of the institute

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DFG Core Facility

The DFG Core Facility offers an opportunity so that interested parties can both make use of an upscale technological equipment and get asisstance for planned projects. Due to this,companies or other external partners get an optimal support in terms of various cooperation prospects.

The substantial technological platform and specialised equipment enables to work on:

  • silicon MEMS/NEMS-technologies, optical lithography
  • nanostructuring (3D and singular)
  • electron beam lithography
  • epitaxy and structuring of semiconductors
  • polymeric process technologie 
  • printed circuit board technology
  • LTCC hybrid technology
  • surface analysis
  • electrical,  structural and optical characterization of thin films

Further information regarding the charges for laboratories and equipment will be provided after contact.