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Forschergruppe FOQUOS

The project under the acronym FOQUOS (Thuringian Research Group on Quantum Optical Imaging with Crossed Photons) is funded by the Thuringian Development Bank (TAB) research group of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the TU Ilmenau.

The aim of the investigations of the research group is to realize systems in imaging quantum optics, which work by using entangled photon pairs in two specific wavelength ranges. These are the mean infrared range (MIR) between 2 μm and 10 μm wavelength as well as the short-wave spectral range of some 10 nm in the ultraviolet or X-ray range (XUV). Within the scope of the project photon pairs are to be generated for both wavelength ranges, where one photon is in the visible spectral range and the other photon is in the corresponding field of application (MIR or XUV). Using entangled pairs of photons, so-called ghost imaging can be performed (see Figure 1). In the process, one photon interacts with the object to be measured, the other photon is detected spatially resolving in parallel.

One focus of the project is the control and evaluation electronics. It is necessary to reduce the previously required long measurement times between the camera and the detector. The detection of both photons should be done in real time if possible. For this purpose, ceramic-based circuit boards (LTCC) are being implemented at the TU Ilmenau to meet these requirements. The advantage here lies in the realization of very short connection paths of the individual components, which enable a fast signal processing. The combination with thin-film glasses is studied to increase the degree of integration and to verify the implementation of optical components.