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Prof. Dr. Stefan Sinzinger

director of the institute

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Who we are

The IMN MacroNano® is a cross- faculty scientific institute of the Technische Universität Ilmenau.

Within IMN MacroNano®, 37 departments and next-generation groups from the faculties of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, as well as Computer Science and Automation at the TU Ilmenau work together to reach the institute´s goals:

  • intensifiing interdisciplinary research in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies,  from basic research to practical application,
  • increasing knowledge transfer through research projects, in co-operation with partners from science and industry and
  • continuously extending research activities and knowledge both within the institute itself and among our scientific partners.

Thanks to close co-operation within the institute, it is possible to attain complex objectives in systems engineering whose successful implementation requires comprehensive know-how from every department in the institute.