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Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Fröhlich

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Precision metrology is an important research area of the Institute of Process Measurement and Sensor Technology. Important topics are:

  • Laser nanometry,    
  • Fiber optic coupled miniature interferometers,
  • Laser interferometric multi-coordinate metrology,
  • Laser interferometric calibration technology,
  • Autofocus measuring systems,
  • High-precision surface and form measurement technology

Research in the field of force measurement and weighing technology focuses on the following areas:

  • High resolution mass comparators,
  • Precision weighing technology,
  • Dynamic force measurement and weighing technology,
  • Dynamic test systems,
  • Laser interferometric microweighing technology,
  • FEM for mechanical stress and strain fields.

Temperature measurement technology at the PMS Institute has a long tradition. In close cooperation with industry, new sensors and calibration methods are developed in the field of temperature measurement technology. Furthermore, research is carried out on the influence of temperature on precision measuring instruments and on the possibilities of error compensation. The focus is on:

  • Self-calibrating thermometers
  • Dynamic and static behaviour of thermometers
  • Use of thermometers under extreme conditions, e.g. in combustion engines or power plants
  • Development of temperature references and calibration technology
  • Thermal optimization as well as temperature and humidity compensation of precision instruments
  • FEM for temperature fields