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Integrated Communication Systems Group

The members of the ICS group

Holistic system view

We consider communication systems in a holistic way, i.e. including their architecture, management and cross-layer interdependences, rather than single protocols or protocol layers.

Research focus

Our research focus is on future communication systems that

  • integrate heterogeneous network and radio technologies and
  • operate in a self-organized manner.

Research areas

Our main research areas are:

  • Self-organization in mobile communication systems
  • Cognitive Radio Networking
  • Future Internet architectures and protocols
  • Mobility management and Quality-of-Service
  • UAV-based communication platforms
  • Communication in the Smart Grid
  • HW/SW systems and test methods
  • E-Learning and Remote Engineering


Our courses cover the following areas:

  • computer engineering basics
  • development of HW/SW and embedded systems
  • mobile communication networks
  • multimedia systems
  • heuristic optimization and self-organization

A subset of our courses are available as E-learning modules and include practical sessions in our remote lab.


Our lab welcomes researchers and students from all over the world. The lab is part of the International Graduate School on Mobile Communications and supports two international Master programs of the university.