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"Comparative Analysis of T-QoMIFA and HMRSVP"

Dr.-Ing. Esam Alnasouri
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Dr.-Ing. Ali Diab
Date of publication
An important challenge for All-IP wireless networks
is the development of solutions that jointly provide QoS and
mobility. Several approaches have been proposed to support a
fast handoff simultaneously with a fast re-reservation of
resources. These approaches however do not match the real-time
requirements. Transparent QoS-aware Mobile IP Fast
Authentication protocol (T-QoMIFA) is proposed to satisfy the
requirements of delay sensitive applications. T-QoMIFA
integrates ReSource reserVation Protocol (RSVP) with MIFA
through introducing a new RSVP object called “mobility object”
used to carry the mobility Information.
In this paper we present an analytical model to evaluate the
performance of T-QoMIFA compared to Hierarchical Mobile
RSVP (HMRSVP) with respect to the sum of handoff latency and
reservation time, the expected number of dropped packets and
the expected number of the best-effort packets sent while
reservation is in progress. Movement patters and dropping of
control messages are taken into account in our analysis. Our
study shows that T-QoMIFA clearly outperforms HMRSVP. TQoMIFA
achieves a fast handoff and a fast re-reservation of
resources. The dropped and the best-effort packets are
minimized using T-QoMIFA. Therefore, T-QoMIFA is an
efficient protocol even if control messages have been dropped.
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