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Multipath Video Streaming Based on Hierarchical Routing Management

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Volkert
M.Sc. Manuel Osdoba
Martin Becke
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Date of publication
This paper addresses new requirements of future applications. In this work, we focus on non-functional requirements such as a desired maximum end-to-end delay and minimum data rate. The paper utilizes SCTP in a multipath video streaming scenario to transport application data as well as application requirements. This represents the needed input for a QoS-oriented routing of each involved intermediate router. The paper gives a rough overview about the “hierarchical routing management” (HRM) approach as background control plane for the distribution of needed topology data to allow a QoS-oriented routing. It implements a scalable management of QoS-related route capabilities. The scalability is provided by a hierarchical address and topology aggregation, resulting in fewer details in higher hierarchy levels. This allows an enhancement of today’s IP hop-by-hop routing towards QoS-oriented routing. Nevertheless, it has full legacy support and doesn’t conflict with today’s application and network concepts. Such a routing enhancement based on QoS requirements allows a more sophisticated perpacket routing decision which directs packets along those routes which provide only the network resources actually needed. Better network usage efficiency and quality of multimedia stream transmissions are enabled. With our proof-of-concept implementation of the HRM system we are able to show that this increases the efficiency of the network usage at an acceptable overhead for packet processing.
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