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Applying Message Forwarding and Replication to Multi-UAV Message Ferry Networks

M.Sc. Mehdi Harounabadi
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
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This paper presents a sparse ad hoc network where multiple mobility controlled
message ferries cooperate to deliver messages for stationary and disconnected
wireless nodes. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are utilized as message ferries with
an on-the-fly mobility decision making. The multi-hop delivery of messages is enabled
by efficient message forwarding and replication among UAVs to accelerate the delivery
of messages. Due to lack of global knowledge in UAVs, decisions in a UAV are made
based on local observations. To this end, a signaling among UAVs occurs when they
visit each other on-the-air. Through signaling, a UAV updates its view from the network
and applies this information to its decision makers. Trajectory aware and priority based
message replication schemes are proposed in this paper to limit the number of
message replications and to decrease the delay of message delivery.
The results show that the multi-hop delivery of messages in a message ferry network
by message forwarding and replication among UAVs accelerates the delivery of
messages comparing with a pure message ferrying scheme without any message
The proposed trajectory aware message replication scheme performs as good as the
unlimited message replication scheme while decreasing the buffer length in UAVs.
Moreover, the priority based message replication scheme in UAVs speeds up the
delivery of high priority messages without any adverse impact on low priority
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