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Conference Keynote: Innovative Web Technologies as Enabler of Individual Approach to Higher Education

Dr.-Ing. Heinz- Dietrich Wuttke
Dr.-Ing. Prof. h. c. Karsten Henke
Date of publication
The current trends in higher education are marked by more and more individual approaches to educational content. Nowadays students can have access to knowledge anywhere and whenever they want. The task of teaching is changing from a content presentation style to a motivating and coaching style. The main question is: What and how students have to learn in the future? Is it necessary to provide them lots of facts? Are they able to find and evaluate information by themselves? What we have to give them is the ability for critical thinking and curiosity. We have to motivate and guide them in self-studies and teach them methods to navigate in the huge amount of information via the Internet. The other important task for teachers is to assess the competencies of the students, give them feedback in their individual studies, and, finally, award them as bachelor, master or PhD.

In our talk we will discuss, how innovative Web technologies can support these future rules of teachers. We will provide examples of teaching scenarios and show actual developments as well as discuss future requirements to learning environments to support those processes.
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